Bau Beach

Just 400 meters from the Coralba hotel, your dog can finally run and play with you in complete freedom !!!


In the hotel you will be given a "Beach coupon" which you will then have to personally deliver to the lifeguard "Bau Beach"; through our "coupon Beach" you will enjoy all the services for affiliated hotels.


From May to September even our four-legged friends can have a holiday in CAORLE. The area dedicated to them, called Bau Beach, is located almost at the eastern end of the west beach (sector 14). Customers who wish to come to the beach with their 4-legged friend will be provided with beach umbrella, deckchair, cot, dog bed, bowl, leash. Dogs can regularly enter water on the water mirror in front of the sector and bathe with their owner without limits of time and time, at the exit they will find personalized showers for rinsing the animal. There are also always available information on veterinarians available and the VETERINARY AMBULANCE service available. It's a volunteer service so it's nice to leave an offer during your holiday because this service can continue to exist! Inside the establishment you will find dispensers of bags for excrement but remember to have the bags always with you !! There is a field of agility - dog where they are made twice a week from June to August free courses of dog education and dog agility performed by qualified personnel. Dogs, in order to access the beach, must be regularly vaccinated and have a microchip or a tattoo. Since 2012 in the province of Venice, rabies vaccination is no longer mandatory. Each owner is responsible for his dog: it is a good idea to be insured.

The beach opening hours are:

> MAY / SEPTEMBER 9.00 am - 18.00 pm
> The beach is regularly cleaned and sanitized with a veterinary cleaning agent by a special machine that is passed 2/3 times during the week. On cleaning days we kindly ask customers to leave the beach no later than 7.00 pm.


At our facility the dogs are welcome - just let us know of their arrival. 18,00 € for one pet per night, included daily "Bau Beach" (beach for dog) ticket. To guarantee you and your dog a good stay, please read the following rules:

> Inside the hotel and outside your room, you have to keep the animal on a leash.
      > For logistic reasons we kindly ask you to limit the time spent with the animal in the reception area.
      > For sanitary reasons it is forbidden to enter the hotel with the animal.
      > You can keep one pet per room at most.
      > Only small dogs (weighing 10 kg) are allowed.
      > It is not allowed to leave the animal alone in the room for long periods of time because, in your absence, you could be frightened.
      > In case of damages caused by the animal, the person in charge is the owner of the animal.
      > For the safety of our staff, please inform us when the animal is absent from the room, to be able to clean it.
      > In case the animal provokes noise that disturbs the other guests, it will be warned and you will be asked to reduce the noise.
      > Our rooms have an average size of 15 square meters. and have a balcony of about 2 square meters. while the parapet of the balcony is formed by ovals with ventilation holes ranging from 10 to about 25 centimeters).